XO C41 Smartphone Car Holder

The XO C41 is a car stand that allows the device to be conveniently located within the drivers sight and hands. Its ease of use allows you to use the phone more safely.

5 KM
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ACME MH09 selfie stick monopod

Wired selfie stick, 3.5 mm cable, Compatibility: IOS 5.0, Android 4.2 or above, Stainless steel, 124 g, Fits: phones from 58 to 75 mm, length 18.5 - 75 cm. Attention Make sure your phone volume button can take pictures or your camera app can be set to take picture with volume button.

7 KM
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XO C37 Gravity Smartphone Car Holder

XOC33 is a universal magnetic holder for sticking to the dashboard or other needed place. Its small dimensions perfectly fit into any space. The kit includes metal stickers. Arms spacing: 5,5 - 8,5 cm. 4-6 inch mobile phone

9 KM
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XO C98B Smartphone Car Holder

XO C98B is a universal magnetic mount for a dashboard or windshield in a car. Its small dimensions fit perfectly into any space. The set includes metal stickers.

13 KM
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Logitech 7.5W Smartphone Wireless Charging Holder

Charging Output: iPhone - up to 7.5W, Other Qi-compatible smartphones - 5W, Stand orientation: Portrait and landscape Guided placement with U-shaped charging cradle Compact footprint to fit anywhere around the house, Overheat protection with Internal heat regulating sensors, No noisy fans, Stable design with no-slip material, Integrated charging cable with TPU (Length: 1,5m)

18 KM
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XO BGD001 Smartphone Led Ring 3" Holder Black

Smartphone holder opening up to 10cm, 3 12W led lamp with control for light regulation, 4 levels of illumination for each selection of color temperature 3000K - 5000K, USB 5V 50 / 60Hz power supply, Material: aluminum + plastic

21 KM
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