Intel Core i5 12400 2.50 GHz Tray

LGA 1700, Alder Lake, Cores 6-Core, Threads 12, 2.5 GHz, Max Turbo Frequency 4.4 GHz, 18MB L3 Cache 7.5MB L2 Cache, Intel UHD Graphics 730, Windows 11 Supported, Maximum Turbo Power: 117W

414 KM
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Intel Core i5 13400 2.50 GHz Tray

LGA 1700, Raptor Lake, CPU cores 10, Threads 16, Performance cores 6, Processor Boost Frequency 4.6GHz, Power core boost frequency 4.6GHz, Power Fundamental frequency of the core 2.5GHz, Efficient core boost frequency 3.3GHz, Efficient base frequency of the core 1.8GHz, Cache 20MB, Intel UHD Graphics 730, Max Resolution 7680x4320 pixels

542 KM
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